The tragic absurdity that is life in today’s world.

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kudos to the guest writer of that post.

The state of the world that we live in today is slowly being changed bit by bit, as has been happening since the dawn of society, and culture, including civilization in its most primal forms.

what is happening is that in today’s life and times, we are more so encouraged to improve ourselves. myself being a follower of this tenet, and yet what i have been seeing more and more in today’s posts and articles. That there seems to be more ignorance than ever before, now this is not an intellectual discourse, more so a commentary.

An editorial opinion of mine.

That being the people who have the power to do something, don’t know what they are talking about -ehh hmmm, @POTUS. Although that is besides the point. People in leadership roles in the past ages have always had advisers, those who they trust in their opinions and that they consult in order to make a just decision.

That is just how things are,

what i am getting at though is i am unsure if this leader is competent enough make a reasonable judgement given his role of leadership. It is one thing to be a ruthless soccer mom who runs the PTA with an iron fist. But an altogether different ball game in itself, when taking the reigns of a first world country.

The field of politics is nothing new. It has been around, in some shape or form, since people have been able to communicate with one another.

what is worrisome is the ignorance of the people, of the tactics that are used in the running of a presidential campaign. That we Americans of the United states. Were so easily influenced by the guise of something as simple as a slogan, “make America great again!”

This slogan is the effigy that has been castrated and and flaunted before us in a way to raise support for someone who has no idea what it is that they are doing! Who in no way is a politician. And who is slowly driving the careful equilibrium that is today’s society into the gutter.

It is when political groups with known agendas gain power and start to flaunt unnecessarily their superiority of said group, that things get bad.

Especially when concerning national pride and greatness. it is like catnip for pretentious zealots who follow their leader like chickens with their heads cut off.

I can not provide an adequate solution to our state of affairs. i can only bring them to the attention of the people. it is up to them if they want to be able to adequately be justified in their arguments and decisions that they may make. Instead of the lassie-faire “YOLO” society that really is only going to create bad memories, and bigoted idiots. Whom would most likely vote for those who would support their unlikely ambitions. such as an ephemeral appeal to “greatness”. If they were to vote at all.

Sadly i could not have voted in this most recent election,

Anyone who does not know enough of the world to know that even the Great Wall Of China couldn’t keep “invaders” out of their country. sadly should not be able to make decisions about our place in the interactions of the world at large. Let alone attempt to make it “great” again. Would not have ever have gotten my vote.

The rich for the rich, and for those people to stay that way, must in fact change the world around them. irregardless of what that means for the people who are drastically affected by such measures in the appeal to the move for “greatness”

This is such an absurdity in the grand experiment that we call the U.S.A, sadly i fear that it might not be the last.

That is unless people get informed and no longer pay for their ignorance. like the informed citizens of a nation that we are supposed to be!






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